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Not A Lot Rhymes with Surveyor...

Part of being a party wall surveyor is actually enjoying what you do. Finding a good surveyor that is genuinely passionate about their profession, which in the world of Party Walls is the legislative Party Wall etc. Act 1996, helping people through difficult situations, and keeping costs pragmatic and respectful, is a sure fire way to moving your party wall matters along smoothly.

Problem solving between neighbours and their properties involves creative thought, but also excellent communication skills that help all parties involved feel heard and informed. Whilst I was at my desk recently, both of these skills popped into my head in the form of a I thought I would share. It is titled, 'Not A Lot Rhymes with Surveyor'.

Legislation can be hard

Can con-fuddle the brain.

And the 'Party Wall Act '96' is exactly the same.

Line of junction this,

Section 6 point two 'a' that.

I'd rather teach physics to a wild alley cat.

But there are people out there

Who like this sort of thing:

The intricacies make them smile..and leap and dance and sing!

And when it comes to 'The Act'

Of walls between different purveyors...

There's the strangest of the strange - Party Wall Surveyors!

They know the Act extremely well

(Almost inside out)

Resolving disputes between neighbours worldwide, without a tear or a shout.

Assessing, reviewing,

Measuring etc...

Unearthing details with a smile? You betchya!

So if it is you who is in the need

Of this service please do call

Urban Rose Party Wall Surveyors to represent your wall.

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